About Me

*Not to scale.

Amy J. Murphy is not a Jedi. (Although she’s married to this Scottish guy that claims to be one.) Nor is she a powerful mutant with adamantium claws and super-fast healing, or leader of the human resistance battling to overthrow cyborgs.

But, she is a fantastic liar.

She discovered this power at an early age and chose to wield it for good instead of evil (even though the evil part remains highly tempting.) With this power, Amy writes books about space opera featuring kickass heroines. These books are sometimes confused for military science fiction which is an easy mistake to make. She’s ok with this as her debut novel, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, was a finalist for the 2016 Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel. It so happened that her third book, Allies and Enemies: Exiles, was named a 2017 Dragon Award finalist in the same category. At some point, she infiltrated the ranks of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and refuses to return the cool membership card they sent her when they figured things out. (Oh, did she mention being a finalist for a 2017 Kindle Book Award too?)

When not geeking out at science fiction conventions, she’s hunkered down in an isolated farmhouse in Vermont with the aforementioned Scotsman/Jedi and two canine overlords. Most recently her work has appeared in the best-selling space opera anthology, Orphans in the Black.