Me Aculpa (That’s Latin for “my bad”.)

A few days ago, there was an error in communication coupled with my inability to read a calendar correctly. This resulted in many wonderful readers receiving an email announcement from Sci-Fi Bridge (who are innocent in this mistake) stating my Allies and Enemies Trilogy  was on sale for 99cents when the price had already reverted back to the full price of $5.99. Because of the guidelines imposed on authors selling their books on Amazon, I wasn’t able to fix it.

Long story short: I’m sure there are some pretty steamed folks out there. I’d like the chance to make things right. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to extend another sale right now. (There’s a restriction imposed on how frequently and how long an author can do that when they work in Amazon’s KDP select, the feature that makes Kindle Unlimited possible.) I feel super bad about that too. And I’ll try to figure something out. In the meanwhile, I’m all ears to your constructive feedback and/or suggestions on this particular error. Please accept my apologies about this mishap.

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