Seeing stars: Amazon Reviews

I admit it. I was the kid in class that reminded teacher that he or she had forgotten we were supposed to have a quiz that day. This made me wildly unpopular. It was just part of who I was/am. Besides, my main motivation was to get those wonderful little “A”s sketched across the top of my page of loose leaf. If I were to look at them now, I’d recognize them as the scrawl of an exhausted teacher and ultimately useless. But at the time, those precious “A”s looked like tiny Rembrandts, my personal masterpiece and evidence that someone...

The Books Machine

There’s a chance Allies and Enemies: Fallen will be featured as a blog post on the The Books Machine, a website about ebooks. Membership for readers is free and will give you access to free Kindle books and quality deals, specially selected for you. Click this link to visit: The Books Machine.

Show Hard Luck Hank Some Love

I’ve mentioned this guy’s work before: Steven Campbell. He’s the author of the Hard Luck Hand series, which BTW is amazingly hilarious and fun to read. With book titles like Screw the Galaxy and Prince of Suck (featuring the aforementioned “Hank”), how can you not want to just read them out of pure curiosity? Anyway, I was very pleased to see that the latest installment in the Hard Luck Hank series, Suck My Cosmos is now available on Audible. Check it out here.