Book 4, baby!

Those of you that follow my books or have heard my podcast interviews might realized two interesting things about me: 1) I have staggering ADHD and 2) I’m not part of the write-a-book-in-one-month club. (Also, I have a day job… so there’s that.)

Anyway, I bring this up because I’m glad/relieved to announce that I’m working on a fourth book in the Allies and Enemies series. I would LOVE to have it ready for February. So, expect more kick-assery from Sela, Jon and the rest of those crazy kids living the dream in the Reaches. I’ve already tapped the insane talents of Alex Winkler for the cover art which is always a great source of inspiration. Here’s a teeny little peek of a section of artwork for the cover.

Pretty cool, right? What do you think?