Allies and Enemies: Fallen (Book 1)

Dragon Award Finalist – Best Military Sci-Fi Novel | Kindle Book Award Finalist

Fight. Survive. Repeat. The rules of a soldier are simple.
Born into service of the Regime, Commander Sela Tyron is about as subtle as a hammer. To hammers, any problem can look like a nail, but things aren’t always that easy. Abandoned with her team on a planet full of insurrectionists, for Sela things get complicated. A daredevil rescue by her commanding officer reaps deadly consequences, forcing Sela to choose between loyalty and the life of the man she’s duty-bound to protect. 

Allies and Enemies: Rogues (Book 2)

Maybe the universe holds a grudge.

For fugitives of the Regime, Sela Tyron and Jon Veradin, it certainly feels that way. Their escape into the Reaches meant a chance at a fresh start without looking over their shoulders. However, in this savage, hardscrabble region, the pair become targets of scheming alien gangsters and cybernetically enhanced Guild agents. 
She was supposed to be dead. That was her plan anyway. But when a mysterious young woman with strange abilities is taken prisoner by a clan of vicious Zenti pirates, miraculous resurrection is the least of her worries. Can she trust a self-confessed spy to help in her escape?

Allies and Enemies: Exiles (Book 3)

Dragon Award Finalist – Best Military Sci-Fi Novel

If you’re going to start a war, know the risks. 

Ironvale. Splitdawn. Poisoncry. 
Three bloodthirsty guilds that control the decaying corner of space called the Reaches. This balance of power exists at a tipping point. One nudge and chaos reigns. Sela Tyron is willing to supply that nudge to help her partner with an important rescue. Even if it means trusting a shifty Guild spies with his own agenda. Or turning herself into an assassin for a cunning warlord.

Allies and Enemies: Legacy (Book 4)

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Allies and Enemies: Fallen (Book 1)