Dragon Award Nominations

Here’s your chance to help the Allies and Enemies series make a little bit of history by making it a three-time nominee for a Dragon Award. Please consider nominating my book, Allies and Enemies: Legacy for “Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel” in the 2019 Dragon Awards. [It’s the 4th category down on the list. Click the image or link below to visit the nomination page.] There’s no cost to you and you need not attend Dragon Con to participate in the nomination or voting process. The link to nominate is located here: http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_nominations.php Once you register and nominate...

Dragon Awards!

Dragon Awards are open for nominations for 2019! Here’s your chance to nominate your favorite Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels, movies, TV shows and games for a Dragon Award. Log on today and give props to your sci-fi and fantasy loves. Deadline is July 19th. FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail

The Future is Female

From Captain Marvel to Captain Janeway, strong female protagonists make good science fiction great. Check out the  “The Future is Female: Heroines of Sci-Fi” giveaway on Story Origin. Download for free 17 full-length novels, short stories and novellas all featuring women who kick butt and take no prisoners. FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail


I took a break from killing myself over prep for the next book(s) in the Allies and Enemies series (as well as a billion other projects to have a thought-provoking interview with Kirk at Troubadour Magazine. Click the link here to experience the very strange faces that I apparently make when I’m racking my poor brain. The subject? “Science Fiction as Analogy”. [Click here.] FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail

Recap: DragonCon 2018

DragonCon 2018 – Military SF DragonCon is over. We must return to our normal lives. For some of us that means re-joining the muggle world and putting aside our alter-egos. I count myself among that number. (Though if the Fates are kind, it might not always be the way for me.) I was fortunate to be tapped for four panels this year. The last of which I was honored/challenged with being in the only female in a group of military sci-fi luminaries (Jack Campbell, Marc Alan Edelheit, Doug Dandridge, John D. Ringo, David Weber — moderated by Baen’s David Afsharirad)....

Countdown to DragonCon

This week I’ll be joining about 90,000 of similarly minded folk for one of the East coast’s largest fan-run convention– DragonCon, baby!  It runs from 8/30 to 9/3. If you’ve never heard of it, you can check out the details here.  Look for me in the crowd. (I’m the one cosplaying as “Mid-List Author”.) Be sure to say hello. I’ll be giving away limited edition FREE ebook promo cards. I’ll be on four panels this year. Very exciting! Here’s the lineup: Title: Military Sci-Fi Writers & Creators – Media EditionTime: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Chastain DE – Westin (Length: 1...
Do You DragonCon? Join me on these panels.

Do You DragonCon? Join me on these panels.

Guess what? I’m guessing that as a visitor to my website that you might already be aware that I had the great honor to be a Dragon Award Finalist in 2016 and 2017 at DragonCon. While regrettably that did not happen this year, I did manage to snag a spot on some very intriguing panels this year. (Let’s hope I stop fan-girling long enough to add some thoughtful commentary.) So, if you’re at DragonCon this year, you should check them out. (Please note that these are tentative.): Title: Military SciFi Writers and Creators – Media Edition Description: A roundtable with military...
My Interview on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

My Interview on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

Ever wondered just how much of a spaz I am in real life? Wonder no more! Listen to me tragically mix metaphors and mispronounce words on the Rocking Self- Publishing Podcast, hosted by the very charming Simon Whistler. (Seriously, this guy has the voice of Bond villain and I mean it as a compliment.) [Click here.] (My apologies to anyone’s name I left out or said incorrectly. Sorry!) Shout out to the following peeps! Clinton – Comedy4cast Podcast Lindsay, Joe, and Jeff – Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast And all the other folks that I may not have mentioned...