Allies and Enemies: Fallen on the Ballot for the Dragon Con Awards!

Allies and Enemies: Fallen on the Ballot for the Dragon Con Awards!

This year marks the debut of the Dragon Con Awards and my book, Allies and Enemies: Fallen made the ballot in the “Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel” category. (Weird combo, I know. But so awesome!) What the heck is a Dragon Con you ask? Based in Atlanta, GA and traditionally taking place over the Labor Day holiday, it is the largest fan-run multi-genre conventions in the nation. Think: San Diego ComiCon of the southeastern US. The list has really fabulous talent on it, and like they say at the Oscars, “It’s an honor to just be nominated.” Want to...

Allies and Enemies: Rogues – Now available in print!

What makes owning an ebook you love even more awesome? Owning the print version, of course! For those of the more “traditional” mindset, the printed paperback edition of Allies and Enemies: Rogues is now available on Amazon (via CreateSpace). The cost is a smidge higher than the print version of Fallen. You are getting more awesome (ie extra pages). Click here to order the print edition.

Decoder ring? Secret handshake?

So got an email this morning. You’re looking at one of the newest members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America! Yay! Is there a decoder ring? A secret handshake? I dunno, but I’m dying to find out. (I’m pretty sure that I’d be the worst possible member of a secret society. I’d end up blabbing to someone.) But this is SO cool!


So, you remember the very talented Alex Winkler, the guy that classed up Allies and Enemies: Fallen with his fantastic cover art? (He’s working on the cover art for book 2 right now.) Check out the link to this totally awesome game he’s been working on over at Sparky Pants: 

Did you get your free download?

So, feeling generous here and a little guilty. Guilty because the release of the second book in the Allies and Enemies series, Rogues will be delayed a week or two. Nothing I can do about that. Blame the CDC folks and their lack of an effective flu vaccine. To make up for it, I’m using one of those 5 free days I get on Amazon. Sweet, right? (To be honest, I was just curious to see what it would do.) But hey. Win-win, right? Wow. If only that ranking were for paid sales! Enjoy!