Dragon Awards Follow up

To the many tens of people following my posts out there (*waves*), you may be aware that Allies and Enemies: Fallen was recently a finalist for Best Military SciFi Novel at the 2016 Dragon Awards hosted by Dragon Con. I have to admit it, I’m still on a bit of a high over that. There were some pretty impressive names on that list of finalists. The honor went to David Weber in my category. No big surprise there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s cool to be on any list like that.

I had a very fun time being interviewed at my friend’s podcast show, Comedy4Cast. And the hilarious group of fellows from Technorama. (I’ll add a link to the show once it’s posted.)IMG_2543

The Dragon Awards, being the inaurgal year, was not exactly standing room only, but conducted in a heartfelt manner with some lovely opening remarks by Bill Fawcett, Pat Henry and Dave Cody. The actual awards themselves were pretty stellar looking. I went in with not great hope of winning, being star-struck by the other names on the list.

The next round of awards for 2017 starts the nomination process in October. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a chance to go back next year.