More Cool Things Have Happened!

So, you might have recently read on my site that I did a reading for Geek Mountain (get it?). There, I met the super charming, Margot Harrison, an associate editor with Seven Days VT.


(For those of you not in Vermont, it’s a pretty big deal.) Margot read from her chilling and poignant short story about a ghost haunting a cinema, inspired by a local theater she’s frequented in part of her job as a movie reviewer. (I’ll never think about the Palace 9 the same way again.)


Anyway, I was blown away by Margot’s review of Allies and Enemies: Fallen. Check it out here. She uses words like “kickassery”. Love it!



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2 thoughts on “More Cool Things Have Happened!

  1. Amy J. Murphy


  2. Michael J Solo

    Hey AmyJ,

    Glad you’re still Rockin’ SciFi. Hope you find time to “nurse” (lol) another book/series along! Wanna see more from/of you!


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