Achievement Level Unlocked: Survived Public Reading

Yesterday, I survived my first (and I say that with equal parts optimism and fear) public reading from  Allies and Enemies: Fallen. (It’s still up for nomination with KindleScout… so go vote for it & then come back to this page and finish reading this.) Great turn out at the VT Speculative Fiction Writers SeriesPhoto courtesy of Michael J. Martinez The very lovely AmyBeth Inverness &Michael J MartinezPhoto courtesy of AmyBeth Inverness I read last (yay) in the group of five other very talented writers. Although I look rather put upon in the picture here, I did have a fantastic time. It...

Nominate Allies and Enemies: Fallen for Kindle Scout

It’s go time! Allies and Enemies: Fallen is up for nomination with Amazon’s Kindle Scout page. It’s your chance to show your support for my little endeavor. Each book featured has 30 days to collect nominations by you, the reader. Books that have the most nominations are considered for publication by Kindle Press. And the best part, if the book you nominate is selected for publication, you get a free ebook. It’s a win-win for everyone! Click on this link & nominate Allies and Enemies today!

KindleScout Campaign for Allies and Enemies: Fallen – Launches June 18th!

So, I’ve gotten all my rejection emails back from the various literary agents out there. And so, ends that grand little experiment/adventure. I don’t know what I was thinking. My luck doesn’t tend to work like that. With a last name like Murphy? Come on. And now, it is time for Plan B, subsection 9, paragraph 12: Kindle Scout! Got the log line, the description and my bio all set up nice and proper and the book excerpt even shows up looking pretty nice on the preview screen. And now for the rest of my devious plan: I’ll just sit...

Geek Mountain State

So I’m doing a reading! Like a “real” writer. A lovely gent at Geek Mountain State has invited me to read from Fallen in front of, like, people. Excited! Never done this before & I hope I don’t make too much of an ass out of myself. LOL

Second revision completed! Yay! Now the sucky part starts.

I am very pleased to share with you the happy news that I have just completed the second round of edits to the manuscript. I’m now ready for some beta readers to give the story a whirl. Since you have last heard from me, there have been some very interesting developments (and not just within the story). First of all, to avoid confusion with other novels out there with a similar name, the first book of the series will be called Allies and Enemies: Fallen, instead of book one. The second little bit of news it this: my editor has convinced...

I’m in love!

Got the chance to work on my sunburn a few weeks ago in sunny FL. While relaxing, I read (more like inhaled) the Paradox trilogy by Rachel Bach. It’s a wonderful sci fi adventure series with a kickass heroine and lots of fighting and blowing up of things. You know, the good  stuff. I highly recommend checking this series out on Amazon.

A little zombie action to pass the time

As I await the learned insights from my editor currently making her way through the second draft of Allies and Enemies, I’m passing some time catching up on reading something other than red-line word doc drafts. I downloaded “The Girl with All the Gifts” by Mike Carey after reading some glowing reviews about it on Good Reads. This is so well written, I’m totally jels. The voice and style are well-conceived and the story unfolds in a non-conspicuous way. Loving it!