Geek Mountain State

So I’m doing a reading! Like a “real” writer. A lovely gent at Geek Mountain State has invited me to read from Fallen in front of, like, people. Excited! Never done this before & I hope I don’t make too much of an ass out of myself. LOL

Second revision completed! Yay! Now the sucky part starts.

I am very pleased to share with you the happy news that I have just completed the second round of edits to the manuscript. I’m now ready for some beta readers to give the story a whirl. Since you have last heard from me, there have been some very interesting developments (and not just within the story). First of all, to avoid confusion with other novels out there with a similar name, the first book of the series will be called Allies and Enemies: Fallen, instead of book one. The second little bit of news it this: my editor has convinced...

I’m in love!

Got the chance to work on my sunburn a few weeks ago in sunny FL. While relaxing, I read (more like inhaled) the Paradox trilogy by Rachel Bach. It’s a wonderful sci fi adventure series with a kickass heroine and lots of fighting and blowing up of things. You know, the good  stuff. I highly recommend checking this series out on Amazon.

A little zombie action to pass the time

As I await the learned insights from my editor currently making her way through the second draft of Allies and Enemies, I’m passing some time catching up on reading something other than red-line word doc drafts. I downloaded “The Girl with All the Gifts” by Mike Carey after reading some glowing reviews about it on Good Reads. This is so well written, I’m totally jels. The voice and style are well-conceived and the story unfolds in a non-conspicuous way. Loving it!

Red Rising

As I mentioned before, I’m taking a little R&R while I’m waiting for my second draft to get back from my editor. So I’ve read the second in the Red Rising series from Pierce Brown, entitled Golden Son. Loved it! This stuff is like Dune meets Hunger Games with the death toll from Game of Thrones mixed in. Cannot wait to read the next one.

Ugh. I feel so dirty…

So, I did it. I did what I vowed I’d never do. *sigh*I made a Facebook page.Why? I had to. As I’m eagerly awaiting the return of my second draft from my tireless editor, Pat Dobie, I am researching the “next steps” in this little learning experience of epublishing. Although Skynet knows way too much about us as it stands, all the sages say you need “social media” to grease the wheels of self-publishing. In order to be able to promote anything from ebooks to Etsy, you need to have a Facebook page. The 21st century sucked me in, kicking...

Still here!

So I guess you may have thought I disappeared forever. That would be the easy answer. I’ve been deeply emersed in the world of editing the manuscript for Allies and Enemies: Book One. When I received the “sea of red” back from my stalwart editor, I was in shock. It really looked as if an actual massacre had taken place on the page… all those poor innocent adjectives and amputated bits of punctuation… oh… the humanity! I realized in looking at it, that there was no way that if I were to do the edits the right way would I...

I’m baaack.

Miss me? So, I’ve been a little busy. The Kickstarter was such a great success for Allies and Enemies! I’m still floored by the response. Right now, I’m getting the manuscript into shape to ship off to my chosen editor. But I thought it was finished, you say. True. However, there’s been a change to how the story is framed. Allies and Enemies is being shifted from a very confusing first person point of view narrative that’s shared by two different characters, to a more approachable, less mind-bendy limited third person narrative. The third person narrative is more in keeping...


Ok, so maybe the context is all wrong and I admit I know next to nothing about soccer (or football to folks outside the US), but this is still SO awesome. Today, the Allies and Enemies Kickstarter reached (and went slightly over) its goal for funding! Very excited! Thank you to everyone that backed the project. This is so incredible.