Still here!

So I guess you may have thought I disappeared forever. That would be the easy answer. I’ve been deeply emersed in the world of editing the manuscript for Allies and Enemies: Book One. When I received the “sea of red” back from my stalwart editor, I was in shock. It really looked as if an actual massacre had taken place on the page… all those poor innocent adjectives and amputated bits of punctuation… oh… the humanity! I realized in looking at it, that there was no way that if I were to do the edits the right way would I...

I’m baaack.

Miss me? So, I’ve been a little busy. The Kickstarter was such a great success for Allies and Enemies! I’m still floored by the response. Right now, I’m getting the manuscript into shape to ship off to my chosen editor. But I thought it was finished, you say. True. However, there’s been a change to how the story is framed. Allies and Enemies is being shifted from a very confusing first person point of view narrative that’s shared by two different characters, to a more approachable, less mind-bendy limited third person narrative. The third person narrative is more in keeping...


Ok, so maybe the context is all wrong and I admit I know next to nothing about soccer (or football to folks outside the US), but this is still SO awesome. Today, the Allies and Enemies Kickstarter reached (and went slightly over) its goal for funding! Very excited! Thank you to everyone that backed the project. This is so incredible.

Geek Mountain State shout out

So this was a very nice email to wake up to this afternoon. (I work nights. Don’t judge.)I was contacted by a gent from an outfit called Geek Mountain State representing geekery in Vermont because of my outreach for Kickstarter support. I didn’t know our kind existed in large enough numbers to congragate this far north of the Mason-Dixon. Nice! (And I like the banner on their website. Reminds me of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

In the tradition of Spaceballs….

Allies and Enemies – the TshirtI couldn’t help but think of that Mel Brooks classic when I was working on the design for the Allies and Enemies backer reward. All joking aside, I’m so very thankful and humbled by the response of backers to my kickstarter campaign to raise funds for professional editing services. One of the rewards for the “Commissioned Officer of the Regime” is this staggeringly beautiful and so well designed tshirt. (OK. I’m paiting it on a little thick there.)It features the Regime standard that was created by the talented Alex Winkler. Cool, huh? Trappings of a...

Project Kickstarter is go for launch!

So, I made the decision to utilize the services of a professional editor to fluff and buff the final manuscript in preparation for the ebook publication. Such an endeavor is a not exactly budget-friendly. Aside from winning the lottery or discovering a Picasso at a garage sale, I decided to dive into the realm of Kickstarter to search out kindly folks who might want to lend a girl a hand in paying for said editor’s services. I launched the project today and I’m already pleasantly surprised (and more than a little humbled) by the impressive response.Check out my Kickstarter project...

Hard Luck Hank

I think I’ve uncovered a little gem here, the Hard Luck Hank series by Steven Campbell. With some lovely dry humor, explosions and a henchman-turned hero for a protagonist, Campbell has delivered an incredibly entertaining read. Anyone who is a fan of Hitchhiker’s would definitely get a kick out of Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy or the follow up Basketful of Crap. (I just love the titles!) An more recent addition, Hard Luck Hank: Early Years was published earlier this month. Check it out at! I know I will.