I took a break from killing myself over prep for the next book(s) in the Allies and Enemies series (as well as a billion other projects to have a thought-provoking interview with Kirk at Troubadour Magazine. Click the link here to experience the very strange faces that I apparently make when I’m racking my poor brain. The subject? “Science Fiction as Analogy”. [Click here.] FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail

Recap: DragonCon 2018

DragonCon 2018 – Military SFDragonCon is over. We must return to our normal lives. For some of us that means re-joining the muggle world and putting aside our alter-egos. I count myself among that number. (Though if the Fates are kind, it might not always be the way for me.) I was fortunate to be tapped for four panels this year. The last of which I was honored/challenged with being in the only female in a group of military sci-fi luminaries (Jack Campbell, Marc Alan Edelheit, Doug Dandridge, John D. Ringo, David Weber — moderated by Baen’s David Afsharirad). (See...

Countdown to DragonCon

This week I’ll be joining about 90,000 of similarly minded folk for one of the East coast’s largest fan-run convention– DragonCon, baby!  It runs from 8/30 to 9/3. If you’ve never heard of it, you can check out the details here.  Look for me in the crowd. (I’m the one cosplaying as “Mid-List Author”.) Be sure to say hello. I’ll be giving away limited edition FREE ebook promo cards. I’ll be on four panels this year. Very exciting! Here’s the lineup: Title: Military Sci-Fi Writers & Creators – Media EditionTime: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Chastain DE – Westin (Length: 1...
Do You DragonCon? Join me on these panels.

Do You DragonCon? Join me on these panels.

Guess what? I’m guessing that as a visitor to my website that you might already be aware that I had the great honor to be a Dragon Award Finalist in 2016 and 2017 at DragonCon. While regrettably that did not happen this year, I did manage to snag a spot on some very intriguing panels this year. (Let’s hope I stop fan-girling long enough to add some thoughtful commentary.) So, if you’re at DragonCon this year, you should check them out. (Please note that these are tentative.): Title: Military SciFi Writers and Creators – Media Edition Description: A roundtable with military...

Cover update…

Have you seen the cover overhaul to the Allies and Enemies series? I partnered with a stellar designer to update the copy and taglines to the ebook covers. Check out the new artwork here: This is all in preparation for the upcoming release of Allies and Enemies: Legacy. The fourth book in the series (and very likely not the last.) Stay tuned. Facebook Twitter Google+ E-mail
Have you heard? Allies and Enemies: Fallen is available on Audible!

Have you heard? Allies and Enemies: Fallen is available on Audible!

Allies and Enemies: Fallen is now available as an audiobook! Narrator Erin Bateman turns in an epic performance for the first book in my series. So, even if you’re already read it, why not give a listen? Allies and Enemies: Fallen (Volume 1) is availabe on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.   Not a member of Audible? Want to give it a try AND get a free copy of my audiobbook?  Click here >>>>  Allies and Enemies: Fallen FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mail

Who do you love to read?

Here’s your chance to win an audiobook copy of Allies and Enemies: Fallen the same day it releases. Tell me your top 3 fave authors in the field of science fiction and/or fantasy. (No. I don’t count, but thanks!) Can’t remember the name? That’s cool. I’ve got one of those memories too. Try your best to spell it correctly. But let’s get real. It’ll look super fishy if all three are named “John Doe” or something. Survey ends Sunday, May 20th @ 9pm EST. Drawing takes place on Monday, May 21st.